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Babywearing in winter - tips!

When it’s cold outside, don’t stay at home. Long walks are a perfect activity for the whole family - mums, dads and babies! You don’t have to push the stroller through the snow. Your hands won’t be freezing. And little baby can sleep peacefully close to you. How to prepare for babywearing walks? Read LennyLamb tips!

: . 18, 2017

Babywearing correct positioning

The beginning of babywearing is usually hard. There are many questions and doubts regarding baby’s safety. Is the carry correct from technical point of view? Is my baby safe? Babywearing is very intuitive - we endeavor to keep our little baby close. But it’s also very important to pay attention to correct positioning for your baby’s health and proper development.

: . 11, 2017

Lenny Up vs Classic Ergonomic Carrier

You like the idea of babywearing! You are looking for a simple and comfortable carrier? Ergonomic carriers would be the answer! Read about LennyUp carrier and classic ergonomic carriers in size Baby/Toddler and choose the best carrier for you!

:n. 29, 2017

Babywearing community – where the friendships start…

Many years ago John Donne wrote that ‘no man is an island’. And – no family should be an island too.

:n. 6, 2017

To carry or not to carry – that is the question…

Are you interested in babywearing but still hesitating if it’s really for you? Not sure what it’ll bring into your life? Just look at some advantages of it – they’ll certainly assure you that babywearing is worth trying!

:o. 30, 2017

Autumn&Winter – a perfect time for babywearing!

In common opinion a perfect babywearing season – is Summer. We’ll try to convince you that the “cold season” is as good for babywearing as the “hot” one. Or maybe… even better!

:o. 9, 2017

Babywearing on cold days

For many babywearing parents winter weather is difficult to cope with...

:o. 7, 2017