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Does your wrap come from a true weavers studio or from the manufacturer that just sources the fabric?

Fabric can be sourced. It can also be made with heart in True Weavers Studio.

a. 7, 2017

Which fabric is the best for a baby wrap and carrier?

Hello! Today we would like to help you in choosing babywrap fabric. We will focus on blend type, weight and weave type.

a. 1, 2017

Woven Wrap carry - Front Wrap Cross Carry

Even if, at the beginning, using a woven wrap may seem to be a secret art to a newbie, we reassure you that after a few attempts you would become more confident and, therefore, find wraps very comfortable...

:r. 31, 2017

Ring Sling - different shoulder styles

Ring Sling is a quick, easy to use and lightweight babywearing option...

:r. 27, 2017

Welcome to our new blog !

First blog entry by LennyLamb.

:m. 1, 2016