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With a baby wrap or carrier - at home

A wrap, a carrier or any other help to wear. Why is there so much ado about it? Now that you're staying at home, can it be of any use to you at all?

:s. 2, 2020

Lenny is sewing face masks!

Masks... This word, next to coronavirus, has been probably the most common in the world in the recent weeks

:n. 24, 2020

Babywearing myths busted!

Bad news for all grandmothers, aunts and neighbours: a child is already used to carrying when he/she is born.... Lenny is debunking babywearing myths!

:r. 7, 2020

So what's it like with that babywearing in winter?

Have you heard the news that the winter of the century is coming? You have to keep them closer! And this is Lenny's official position on the upcoming winter. Why is babywearing in winter a good idea?

: . 14, 2019

LennyLamb fabrics collections....something beautiful for everyone!

Basic, Trendy, Fancy or Experimentarium - which of these four LennyLamb collections is for you?

: . 4, 2019

A good birth with a pedigree

Everyone wants to be well born and every mother wants to give birth well. Life writes its own scenarios...

:n. 16, 2019

Alice's Adventures in Ballet Land

What does LennyLamb have in common with ten-year-old Alice? One word - passion. We love what we do and feel infinitely immersed in it. And so it is with Alice. Alice loves ballet.

:s. 29, 2019