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User Manual

Baby carrier or baby wrap? What kind of wrap to choose? How to tie a baby wrap properly? These are the questions often asked by parents who want to carry their babies. There are many options you can choose from. Starting from a classic long woven wrap through a ring sling up to an ergonomic baby carrier. Let’s have a look at the manuals. Also, please see the video tutorials below.

  • Woven Wrap - it is a versatile solution which enables carrying a baby in many different positions. There are Front Wrap Cross Carry and Kangaroo Carry presented in the user’s manual.

  • Ring Sling - it is easy and quick to tie a ring sling! This is a perfect babywearing solution for the newborns and older babies.

  • Stretchy Wrap - it is easy to tie a stretchy wrap! That’s a great option for the beginning of your babywearing adventure :) You can use a stretchy wrap for the newborns up to 12 month old babies.

  • LennyLight Adjustable Carrier - very simple, light & compact adjustable carrier that grows with your baby. It offers simple & intuitive adjustment options for a perfect fit and healthy ergonomic positioning at all stages of your baby's development.

  • LennyUpGrade Adjustable Carrier - this is an adjustable carrier which “grows” with your baby. With a multi-level adjustable panel, soft shoulder straps and a hip belt this carrier ensures perfect fit and healthy ergonomic position at all stages of your baby's development.

  • LennyHybrid Half Buckle Carrier - combination of what’s best in an adjustable carrier (comfort) and a long woven wrap (versatility). LennyHybrid Half Buckle carrier grows with your baby. With multi-level adjustment options it ensures perfect fit and healthy ergonomic position at all stages of your baby's development. So easy, so safe!

  • LennyGo Ergonomic Carrier - simple design, minimum of buckles and fasteners - it is quick and easy for you to adjust. If you are overwhelmed by too many adjustment possibilities - choose LennyGo.

  • LennyPreschool Adjustable Carrier - a carrier for "special missions" dedicated for the parents who want to carry their children for a longer period. Thanks to multi-level adjustment options and solid and secure construction you can carry kids from 1 year old up to 5 years old.

  • Buckle Onbuhimo Carrier - a carrier with no waist belt. If you want the minimum amount of straps and adjustments, this baby carrier is the solution for you. You can easily adjust the width of the panel as your baby grows so you can enjoy this carrier for longer. This is a carrier dedicated to a back carry position.

  • WrapTai Carrier - it’s like a pre-tied baby wrap. The simplicity and comfort of a soft structured carrier (no buckles) and versatility of a wrap. Thanks to 4 wrap straps you can easily balance a baby’s weight.

See the video tutorials:

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