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How to choose the first wrap?

The decision has been made - we want to babywear! Great. The ONLY thing we need to do is to choose the carrier for your Little One. The easiest part? Not really.

There are so many wraps, slings and carriers available, it is so easy to get lost in all the babywearing details.  The best choice for a beginner is for sure a WOVEN WRAP. Why? Woven wrap allows achieving ergonomically correct position when used properly. It supports baby’s spine and creates optimal conditions for hip joints development. A woven wrap is the most versatile carrier. It can be used for many carries. You can wear your baby in the front, on your hip and at the back. One wrap will be enough for the entire babywearing period!

Which wrap will be the best?

There is no easy answer. A baby wrap should be woven and should be made in broken twill, herringbone, diamond or Jacquard weave. It is also very important that you actually like your wrap! Choose the fabric you want to wear, that suits you and your style. It should be a pleasure to wear the wrap.

It’s important to choose a fabric with a certificate. It gives you the confidence that the fabric is safe for your Little One. Some babies often suck wraps. Fabric should not contain any toxic chemicals or heavy metals. Another thing to remember is that babies get dirty and mums have a lot to do. It’s a good idea to think about a machine washable wrap. All cotton or bamboo cotton blend will be a good choice.

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How to choose a wrap length?

A woven wrap is a long piece of cloth (2,7m to 8m) about 70cm wide.  The wrap length depends on the babywearer - not the baby age or weight. The same wrap will suit your sweet squish and a 2-year-old toddler. There are many carries and they have different wrap consumption but with your standard size, you can wrap the most popular and useful carries. The standard size can be the only wrap for many parents.

The most popular woven wrap sizes are:

  • 4,6m (size 6) - base size for those who wear T-shirts M - L, some S and XL

  • 5,2m (size 7) - base size for those who wear T-shirts XL - 2XL, some L and 2XL+

  • 4,2m (size 5) - base size for those who wear T-shirts XS - S, some M

You can find it here! 

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Does the woven wrap only have advantages? Generally spoken - yes. The most challenging step is learning how to wrap. It’s quite tricky. But usually, you will receive a manual instruction with your wrap. There are many tutorials on YouTube. It’s also a good idea to meet a babywearing consultant.

The second option is a stretchy wrap. It is a little bit easier to learn using it. There is only one wrap length and one carry (with variations). It is a good choice at the beginning of your adventure with babywearing. The wrap is comfortable for babies up to about 9 kg. Babies often get bored of the front carry before the reach this weight. Many parents use ergonomic carriers as the next step in their babywearing journey. You can also consider choosing ergonomic carrier if your baby is already 4 months old.

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Watch our Front Wrap Cross Carry tutorial! Babywearing is easy!

For the beginners, we recommend LennyLamb Basic Line!

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