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Mummy! Take me in your arms!


Mummy! Take me in your arms!

When a baby masters the art of walking, it wants to still improve this difficult task. I can walk and I won’t hesitate to use it. I am walking - of course, not in the direction chosen by my mum. I am walking - till one is blue in the face. And when I lost my strength, one option left - take me in your arms! Chasing our little treasure with a stroller is not an easy peasy. But there are more options!

A ring sling is light, small, you can store it in your bag and wait when your little saunterer is tired. It does not need a complex tying. It a two-meter piece of a material, which is ended with two rings, through which you pull the material and then tighten it. Once you prepare the ring sling, you can use it multiple times. It takes little effort to adjust it. Mainly, it is used to babywear on a hip, but you can use the ring sling for both front and back carry.

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Ring sling for toddlers

Many parents think that this type of a carrier is extremely practical as an emergency solution for a toddler, who needs a little bit to be unaided, and also he/she loses his/her strength pretty quickly and at surprising moments. In such situations, you can the ring sling within an arm’s reach, quick to put it on and reach your destination.

Watch our tutorial, which shows how to tie the ring sling!

Shoulder in the ring sling

LennyLamb ring slings are available in two options: with s pleated shoulder and with a gathered shoulder. A ring sling with gathered shoulders enables one to distribute the material on the shoulder as one wants and distributing the material on the back widely.  Whereas, the pleated shoulder gives bigger freedom of movement. It is a better solution for people with narrow shoulders. The sling looks elegant. The choice of the shoulder in an individual decision.

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Ring sling for newborn and baby

The ring sling can be used from the first days. In case of tying newborns, we recommend carry with a reversed edge of the ring sling with gathered shoulders. This way, it is easier to obtain the asymmetrical position of a baby, which is extremely important in case of the newborns.

Ring sling and breastfeeding

Basically, we do not recommend breastfeeding in the wrap. But you can use the ring sling as a cover and give you some secrecy. It also allows you to obtain the cross cradle hold in such a way that the wrap holds the baby and unburden the nursing mother.

To sum up: We do not recommend breastfeeding while babywearing, but we encourage you to use the ring sling as a helpful tool!

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Ring sling for plus sizemoms

The Ring Sling form LennyLamb is 2.1m. You can adjust it easily and it guarantees comfortable babywearing no matter your size. In the case of plus size parents, the tail is shorter, but it does not influence babywearing.

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Ring sling for summer and hot weather

The ring slings are a perfect solution in the Summer. Especially those which are made of a thicker fabric and with appropriate blends. The ring sling is short and carrying is airy. If we add low weight ( up to 270g/m2), and add linen, silk bamboo - we have the best summer carrier!

Attention! Symmetry!

In the ring sling, you carry your baby on one shoulder and asymmetrical strain your back. In case of longer babywearing of a heavy baby may cause discomfort. Pay attention to changing the shoulder frequently. Choose the ring sling for shorter trips. When you plan longer babywearing, choose a different kind of a carrier - for example, a woven wrap or an ergonomic carrier.

Pack up!

The ring sling is an ideal carrier for the holidays! It is easy to use, easy to adjust, perfect in the summer and takes little place in a trunk. Are you packed? Have a nice holiday!

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