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Angel Convention

Dominican sisters needed 7,000,000 zlotys for this initiative. And when they were opening the Boys' House which they built for this money on 1 September, they said: ...

Sep 14, 2018

Do you cuddle only when the sun is shining?

There’s a widespread feeling that the best season to babywear is summer. But the craving for closeness with your baby does not end with the summer, and you cannot move it to the attic together with a butterfly net.

Sep 7, 2018


The decision has been made - we want to babywear! Great. The ONLY thing we need to do is to choose the carrier for your Little One. Easiest part? Not really.

Aug 31, 2018

Thin or thick? Six myths and facts about the gsm of the wraps

Are thin wraps for babies only? Is a thicker wrap a bad choice for hot days? Are thick “blankets” really self-wrapping and forgiving mistakes? The gsm of the wrap has become a modern babywearing fetish – and although it’s very important, there’re many misunderstandings around it. Let’s go through some of the truths and myths regarding the gsm of a fabric.

Aug 24, 2018

Babywearing without tying? Is it possible?

5m long wrap made to babywear a little baby and a newborn - this combination may frighten even the bravest one. Many think that tying a wrap is an easy-peasy. That’s true. But it needs patience and a willingness to master this art. You may feel uneager to do that. You may want something easier. If yes - think about the stretchy wrap.

Aug 17, 2018

Does babywearing exclude a stroller?

Do not carry, or he will get used to! Such opinion can affect your conviction that you want to use only in a wrap or carrier. Especially when you feel that a walk with a stroller or daily shopping is much easier with it.

Aug 10, 2018

Timeless LennyLamb wraps

Which LennyLamb wrap best survived the test of time? What do the babywearing parents like the most? New trends, universal classics, blends or…? Meet the best LennyLamb wraps – chosen in voting in one of our groups.

Aug 3, 2018