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Dear #lennylambfamily!

From Thursday, May 30th, to Sunday, June 2nd, you won't find us at the computers and sewing machines - our employees are resting and celebrating. We will gladly address all inquiries after the holidays, starting on Monday.

How to choose the perfect size?

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Your choice of wrap size will depend on a babywearer - not on a baby. You have to remember that some carries will ‘eat’ more and some less wrap fabric.

There are five wrap sizes to choose from:

  • Size 4 - (length 3.6 m, width 0.6 m - 0.7 m) is suitable for following carries: kangaroo carry, hip kangaroo carry and simple ruck carry.

  • Size 5 - (length 4.2 m, width 0.6 m - 0.7 m) is perfect for petit and short person.

  • Size 6 – (length 4.6 m, width 0.6 m - 0.7 m) is perfect for average built person (up to size 42/44 (14/16)).

  • Size 7 – (length 5.2 m, width 0.6 m - 0.7 m) is perfect for person wearing size EU42/44 (UK14/16) and bigger and also for a tall person (women over 178cm tall and men over 185cm tall – even slim built).

  • Size 8 - (length 6.0 m, width 0.6 m - 0.7 m) is perfect for larger parents and for fancy finishes.

Fabric may shrink for about 4% during first wash.


There is one standard size of a stretchy wrap which will fit parents of various sizes and shapes (please remember that the maximum baby’s weight is 10kg):

Size L - (length 5 m, width 0.52 m - 0.55 m) 


They are available in two sizes – 1.8m (standard) and 2.1m (long). The most universal size of ring slings  is size 1.8 m. We recommend people wearing size EU 44/UK 16 and bigger choosing the size 2.1m.

They are 0.6 m - 0.7m wide. Perfect for everyone. Ring Sling can be used for babies up to 15kg.

Please remember that LennyLamb wraps are chemically processed in final stages of manufacturing, so they can shrink a bit during first wash (4%).

How to choose a suitable LennyLamb baby carrier:

  • It is the baby's age/ size that is the most important.

  • We recommend using a baby carrier when a child can sit unassisted. However, there are some carriers that you can use earlier (i.e LennyLight, LennyHybrid Half Buckle carrier, LennyTwin, LennyHip, LennyUpGrade adjustable carrier, WrapTai carrier).

  • Use a carrier’s measurements (available in its description) to adjust it to your baby’s size. The width of a panel should not be larger than the distance from one knee to the other. The width should be as close as possible to this distance.