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Pregnant belly wrapping

Did you know that you can also use a woven wrap for wrapping your pregnant belly?

a. 30, 2017

What no one will tell before buying the first wrap...

When you start your babywearing journey you think that wraps and carriers are only to help you achieve daily goals, walk from point A to point B, finally drink a morning coffee and of course cuddle your little one. You wouldn’t believe that they are to meet your inner need for beauty too.

a. 23, 2017

Thin or thick? Six myths and facts about the gsm of the wraps

Are thin wraps for babies only? Is a thicker wrap a bad choice for hot days? Are thick “blankets” really self-wrapping and forgiving mistakes?

a. 17, 2017

Why good body posture matters?

Dysfunctions that occur within the motion organ during everyday activities can be a real challenge to deal with. Babywearing is also a strong factor straining our body so you should not be indifferent and from the beginning you must care about its’ condition!

a. 9, 2017

How to meet a babywearing companion?

Feeling lonely? All your friends are at work most of the day? Don’t worry: here are some tips how to find companion!

a. 2, 2017

Babywearing in the hot climate

Summer is coming! One of the frequently asked questions are: ‘Can I wear my baby in heatwave’, ‘Isn’t it too hot to babywear?"

:l. 19, 2017

Basic carry in stretchy wrap

LennyLamb Stretchy Wrap is a perfect carrier for a newborn baby.

:l. 11, 2017