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Front Wrap Cross Carry vs Kangaroo Carry


Front Wrap Cross Carry and Kangaroo Carry are usually suggested for the small babies. Which one to choose? What are their advantages? Why are these types the best?

The baby wrapping has to meet several conditions. The most important is to provide baby’s security. To meet these requirements, you should care about the correct position. Additionally, we highly recommend front carry, which enables quick reaction to the needs of the baby. Both carries meet these fundamental requirements. But there are several significant differences between them. Meeting them will make easier your choice!

Let’s start from the correct position of the baby in the wrap. It is a babywearing signpost, and also the way of carrying in each tool (a wrap, a ring sling, a stretchy wrap, and carriers) and in each type of carry.

How does the correct position look like?

  • The baby breaths freely, its head is slightly up and is not leaned on the chest

  • If the little one cannot support its head, the wrap help support it

  • The immature spine of the baby is well-supported thanks to a tightly twining wrap.

  • The physiological position of a frog is kept (the legs are bent at the hip and knees joints). The knees are spread at shoulder width.

  • The spine is curved and resembles the letter J

Both Front Wrap Cross Carry and Kangaroo Carry have many advantages. Nevertheless, both have got some downsides. Let ’s take a closer look at them.

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Front Wrap Cross Carry


  • The possibility to prepare the carry, the quick stabilization of the baby on the wrap

  • It is easy to achieve the good stabilization after tying, without restricting of the movement and arms of the parent

  • It is pretty easy to master

  • The basic carry to choose when the baby tautens and is uneasy has problems with calming down


  • The deceptive easiness and how quick you can master the carry, may, on the one hand, forgive mistakes and also provoke to consolidate them.

  • It is advisable to pay attention whether the baby’s leg is not in a too big straddle

  • It can cause excessive curve of the lumbar spine of the parents and cause a backache

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Kangaroo Carry


  • The way the wrap is arranged automatically places the baby in the wrap and if you manage to make a Kangaroo Carry - it will be the correct carry (all or nothing)

  • Little straddle, it is easy to maintain the correct position

  • Force the correct position of the parent and butterflies on the shoulders distribute the weight of the baby and protect the parent’s spine


  • It is pretty difficult to master the carry

  • You cannot prepare the carry at the beginning,

  • You cannot fully move your arms

  • It is not recommended while dancing, exercising and physical activities that demand the movement of arms

Which carry win the competition? Probably any of them. Both are very good and are perfect for the beginners. Spent your time with your baby diversely and choose various carries. The process of learning may be funny too. We encourage you to try and we keep our finger crossed.

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