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Do you cuddle only when the sun is shining?


Do you cuddle only in the summer?

There’s a widespread feeling that the best season to babywear is summer. But the craving for closeness with your baby does not end with the summer, and you cannot move it to the attic together with a butterfly net. There’s no need to prove that colder days are as good as the hot ones - many can consider them as even better. This year heatwave turned out to be problematic for the babywearers - especially sweating is a real nightmare. When the temperatures drop, we do not sweat so much while babywearing, on the contrary, we provide heat to each other. Babywearing in the autumn has many advantages - having your baby close to you it’s easier to control his/her temperature, it can be even said that we rather feel it than check it.

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What to wear?

Of course, you can clothe you and your baby separately but it’s easier to choose an outfit for two. The myth that the baby has to be outfitted “better” put where it belongs - to a fairy tale sesion. There are almost none differences between thermoregulation of you and your baby - if something is warm for you, it would be also warm for your baby.  That’s why, it would be easier for you to choose the appropriate outfit for a walk, when you have the same set as your little one.

You know batter what to wear depending on the weather. By choosing babywearing apparel, you choose the same for you and your baby.    

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A wrap and a carrier provide you better mobility when the weather is unfavourable.

A deep mud is a real arduousness when we travel with a baby in a stroller. With the wrap or carrier - such obstacles are not a problem. And it a lot more easier to use an umbrella having your baby in the front or on your back - and not in the stroller. And finally - everyone will admit it, who has tried finding a shelter from rain, for example on the bus stop - that it is easier to escape from the rain without the stroller.

 The weather can be moody when the temperatures fall but do not sit in the four walls - walks will improve your immunity, keep you in the shape and provide some fun!

Closeness does not know such a word like bad weather. Autumn and winter are even better for closeness.   

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Since we don’t restrict cuddling to a given season, we should also do the same with babywearing. Especially given the fact that during autumn and winter, we are so much exposed to the light and colors, which may cause blues and depressing moods - closeness and cuddling may help us to overcome them.

All this things makes fall the perfect time for babywearing.

So let’s babywear - for the sake of your health and comfort.

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