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Babywearing and off we go!!!


Be active – with babywearing!

The birth of a baby means a great change in our life – it literally turns it upside down. Everything changes – our daily routine, habits, and plans. Many people think that it means the end of the active lifestyle – or a break in it for a few years. But… it is not true! You can be active and a parent – simply an active parent, and babywearing helps with it a lot. A wrap or a carrier is a great addition to a stroller or an alternative to it – whatever you prefer. With babywearing you can do many things such as sightseeing, walking and hiking, dancing, training – and many others! Muddy roads, beaches, mountain paths, historical monuments, gyms – the world is open for you with a baby close to your heart!

Benefits for a parent

Being active is important for our physical and mental health. Staying for a longer time at home and limiting ourselves to taking care of a child may cause sadness and even depression. Avoiding physical movement leads to problems with health, such as obesity, high pressure, troubles with heart. If we stay active and fit – we feel better and live longer! And what is very important: if we find a passion ‘outside’ – we are stronger to cope with all daily and parenting problems.

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Benefits for a baby

Having healthier, stronger and more self-confident parents is one of the most important benefits for a baby from the active lifestyle. But not the only one. Small babies – after months inside the womb – are used to swinging and they really love it. And while walking, dancing or training with a child in a wrap or a carrier – you keep swinging a lot! Bigger children enjoy doing various things with their parents such as discovering the world or training. They learn healthy and active lifestyle from you.

Be mobile

A wrap or a carrier takes a little space in the bag, car trunk or on the shelf in a train. You can have it always within arm’s reach with almost no effort – which is so important especially when you travel with a walking toddler who may get tired at any moment, anywhere.

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Have your hands free

When sightseeing, training, walking or hiking – it’s always so comfortable to have your hands free: to hold a child by hand, to reach for a tourist guide, to take a photo, to eat something – and for many other reasons. Babywearing allows you so.

Practical tips

  • It is easier and healthier for your body to carry bigger children on your back during various activities

  • When planning a longer activity with babywearing – always remember to make breaks and enable the child to change the position

  • Check the baby’s position from time to time and correct it if needed – physical activities and move may affect it

  • When going on a longer outdoor activity – be prepared for the change of the weather! Take Babywearing Raincoat with you!

  • Common sense is the limit

  • Although you can do so many things with your child in a wrap or a carrier – there still are some activities that you should avoid when babywearing: the ones with a high risk of falling down, such as skating, riding a bike or skiing. Always remember to use your common sense as a guide – it’s a key to success in happy and active family life!

Spring is the perfect time to make changes in your life to get out of your house and be active!

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