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Being a dad - the most important role


Being a dad - the most important role in your life. Is it so simple? Being a parent may turn out to jeopardize your relationship: new challenges, lack of sleep and time for yourself may cause a situation when you do not have time for each other. How to survive and not go crazy. A wrap is here to help you! Check it out!

Less stress at home

By carrying a baby, you fulfill his/her need for closeness - the baby is calmer. A calmer baby - calmer parents. It easier to face challenges without being accompanied by a cry, which makes each nerve trembling. It easier to discuss the division of household responsibilities, which - unavoidable after the birth of an offspring - is extremely important for family relations. The peaceful environment may help with listening to another person and hearing her needs.  

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The division of responsibilities and building of a relationship

Most of the babies have a need for closeness with their parents for the most of the time - and expressively calls for it. Carrying, however, may be exhausting for everyone - mentally, and physically. But when we wrap a baby in a wrap, our hands are free. Thus, we can do more at home - and for the home, together and separately. If a daddy is carrying, the sling may help with building a relationship with the baby, and the mummy may take a rest from being a mother. Even the best mother needs to be released from the burden of a childcare. After all, the baby has both parents….

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Free hands - not only for household responsibilities

Our hands are free due to carrying. Consequently, not only do we have an opportunity to face household responsibilities, but also to do something together. Do a jigsaw. Read a book. Have a dinner in peace and talk about important issues. Finally, take a walk … and hold each other’s hands.

Birth of a child entails a true revolution in our relationship - prepare for it well and…. keep a sling around you. Remember that the word “love” sounds wonderful - actions speak louder than words.

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