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Bid for little Piotr!


The regulation and general conditions of Marmeid Pod- 10 years of LennyLamb charity auction :

  • The organizer of the auction is LennyLamb Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. Kłudzice 9, 97-330 Sulejów, Poland, tel. +48 222-57-888-2 NIP: 521-375-42-92 , REGON: 365795034

  • The aim of the contest is auctioning jubilee wrap Mermaid Pod - 10 years of LennyLamb ( 260g/m2, 57% cotton 36% merino 7% kashmir)

  • . The total income will be given for the treatment of twenty-one-month-old Piotr Święconek. The little boy is a son of Agnieszka's (our colleague form LennyLamb) niece. He is suffering from malignant cancer -neuroblastoma, IV degree. Piotruś is undergoing treatment - started with chemotherapy and an operation. Now, he is waiting for taking stem cells from him for the autograft, chemotherapies and radiotherapy. Those stages are reimbursed by governmental health insurance. He will have to continue non-refundable treatment - immunotherapy which costs approximately 1 mln zlotych which is about 300000 USD/ 240000EURO/ 215000GBP!

  • The wrap is donated by LennyLamb Sp. z o.o. Sp. K

  • The auction is carried out from June 23 12:00 PM CET to June 26 12:00 PM CET. The last comment posted at 12:00 PM CET with the highest sum of money is the winning comment. Any futher comments will not be taken into account.

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Terms and condition of the auction :

  • People who: are over 18-year-old and are not legally incapacitated, that is people who have full capacity to perform acts in law.

  • Close relatives of the management and close relatives of the employees of  LennyLamb Sp. z o.o. cannot take part in the auction.

  • The auction is carried out only on the page of the organizer of the auction, the bidders have to have a computer or a mobile device as well as a profile on Facebook to take part in the auction.

  • The auction starts with the moment of publication of the post on the Facebook profile. The auction starts on June 23 12:00 PM CET and will finish on June 26 12:00 PM CET!!

  • Each next bid has to be higher than the previous one for the amount of 10 USD

  • The wrap will be given to a person who will give the highest bid and will make a payment to LennyLamb Sp. z o.o. Sp.K.

  • The confirmation of payment has to be sent to the auction page.

  • The transfer should be made untill the July 1 2018

  • The wrap will be sent to the person who will offer the highest  bid and transfer money to LennyLamb Sp. z o.o. Sp.K.

  • by a carrier after giving his/her address in a private message to the organizer of the contest or sent an email on

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The final provisions:

  • The users agree to  process their personal data:  name with the aim of choosing the highest bid. The winner is obliged to give his/her address, email and phone number. All data are secured and will not be processed and given to the third party.

  • The terms and conditions will be available for the whole time of the contest.

  • In the case of the terms which are not included in these terms and conditions, the regulations of the civil code will be applied.

Privacy policy:

  • The data of the bidders are gathered with the aim of helding the bid: name of the bidder. Contact data of the winner of the bid.

  • The name will be taken from the comment left by the participants. The winner of the bid is obliged to provide his/her contact data  in a private message.

  • The participant are aware of the fact that their personal data are shown on our Facebook fanpage and by taking part in the auction agree to show theri dta to the public.

  • The aim of gathering of the data is choosing the comment with the highest bid and sending him/her the wrap.

  • The data will not be processed by LennyLamb Sp. z o.o. There will not be sold, hired or made available in any way.

  • The contact with the winner of the bid will be carried out via the private messages and email correspondence

  • Any changes regarding the privacy policy will be posted on the auction page and the participants will be  kept up to date.

  • The entity responsible for gathering and processing data:

The personal data controller is LennyLamb Sp.z o.o.

Leaving a comment under the post is tantamount to the acceptance of the processing of his/her personal data: name with the aim of choosing the winner of the bid. In order to sent the wrap, the winner of the bid have to send his/her: address, email and phone number. The date is safe and will not be processed.

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