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Does your wrap come from a true weavers studio or from the manufacturer that just sources the fabric?


LennyLamb is proud to be a true weavers studio. All of our products are single-origin products. Every step of production takes place in one location in the heart of Europe - from fabric design, through weaving on LennyLamb’s looms, hemming woven wraps and sewing baby carriers, bags, clothes and other products to quality control and shipping. Most photos are also taken nearby.

LennyLamb is a team of enthusiasts - babywearers and patterns lovers. There are babywearing parents, babywearing enthusiasts, graphic designers, photographers, engineers and experts in the textile industry among us. Most of the staff perform more than one role!


LennyLamb is not just a manufacturer. True weaver studio is ready to follow and make your babywearing dreams come true!

Enjoy our film!!!

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