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Babywearing Apparel

Babywearing Apparel - a collection of universal outer clothes, which has the option of placing a baby under the clothes in a wrap or a carrier. Designed so as to be used during both pregnancy and babywearing. Consummately protects all parts of the body of the baby and the wearer - very comfortable apparel, facing even extreme weather conditions. The collection includes Asymmetrical Hoodie, Babywearing Sweatshirt, Parka Coat for active people, Softshell and Trench Coat for more elegant occasions. Each babywearing coat includes a detachable panel. Both babywearing coats and sweatshirts enable front and back carry. Babywearing Apparel can be also used during pregnancy, breastfeeding or as a regular piece of outer clothing.

You can read more about babywearing apparel on our blog.

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