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Snappi® diaper fastener, size 1, rich yellow
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Snappi® diaper fastener, rich yellow

Feeling tired of tying up or pinning the cloth diaper? You don't think it's entirely secure? Then try our Snappi® cloth diaper fasteners. Snappi® fasteners are a simple and hygienic way to keep a diaper on a baby’s bottom. Thanks to the 3-armed T-shaped design and the little hooks, Snappi® fasteners are much quicker to use than safety pins and hold the cloth diaper even closer to the bottom allowing you to keep much more of it ;)


Snappi® fasteners have a modern design and will always be in demand, as babies are born all the time. It is made of stretchable and non-toxic thermoplastic material (TPU). It has a 'T' shape with small hooks at each end. These hooks grab the cloth diaper ensuring a firm fit and freedom of movement for your baby. All Snappi® fasteners are dyed with food colouring and are therefore safe for children. Snappi® fastener in size 1 is approx. 130mm long.

How to use Snappi®:

In order for the fasteners to work properly they must be used correctly and responsibly. Before first use, stretch your Snappi® a little. Stretching stimulates the memory of the material to return to its original shape, so the fastener will pull the nappy inwards and hold it firmly. Plus a more stretchy Snappi® fastener is simply easier to use.

To stretch the fastener, hold the middle with one hand and with the other hand grab near the end, being careful of the sharp hooks, and pull. Do not hold the Snappi® by the holes! Repeat this process about 10 times for each of the 3 arms. As you do so, you will notice that the material becomes softer and more flexible. After the initial stretching the clip is ready to use.

Holding the cloth diaper in place with one hand fix the Snappi® fastener with the other hand in 3 easy steps:

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As you attach it to the diaper, the Snappi® fastener should change from a "T" shape to a "Y" shape.

When attaching the fastener, hold it by the shoulder. DO NOT pull on the loops. They are used to secure the hooks when the fastener is not in use by pulling each loop over its arm to cover the hooks.

Make sure the hooks have caught the cloth diaper well and that it is attached with all 3 arms of the fastener. The tension in the 3 directions is important as it is the third arm that ensures the stability of the fastener attachment.

Following these instructions is simpler than it sounds and will ensure a secure and comfortable diaper fit. However, it is essential that you put a wool cover on your fitted diaper to cover the Snappi® fastener.

Snappies, as they are popularly called, work best with terry cloth diapers, prefolds and other cloth diapers that are loose enough for the Snappi to snag securely. They don't work well with tight and woven nappies, or those made from delicate fabrics. We recommend using them with cloth diapers whose material is thick enough to prevent the hooks from piercing your baby's skin.


  • Snappi® are not toys! Keep them out of reach of children when not in use. If you see damage, replace the snap. Do not use Snappi® with children who can undo the fastener or remove the diaper. Snappies should be fastened by adults. Always wear the wool cover  with the Snappi® fastened. Do not expose Snappi® to prolonged sunlight as this may weaken the material.

  • Care: Snappi® fasteners should be cleaned in hot soapy water. Do not wash them with cloth diapers in the washing machine as the hooks can damage the diapers.

  • Any tear in the fastener can lead to parts of the buckle separating and creating a risk of ingestion.

  • Do not cut your Snappi® as this could create weak spots in it. Do not pull the fastener by the rings when putting it on as this can cause damage. Use flat, sturdy parts. Before each use check your Snappi® fastener for damage or signs of wear.

For older babies we recommend size 2. If you feel that size 1 is getting too short, use size 2. It is about 2 cm longer.

If you start using Snappi® fasteners, you will see that cloth diapering is so easy and comfortable. You will never go back to pins!

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