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Snood Scarf (100% cotton) - PEACOCK’S TAIL - PROVANCE & TURQUOISE
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The arrangement of the pattern on the product may differ from the one presented in the picture.

Snood Scarf will keep you warm on cold days but it is also a very fashionable piece of your wardrobe. It will add some color and stylish look to your everyday outfit. It is also a way to have a piece of your favourite wrap always with you :) Even when you no longer babywear. It has two sides: one is made of very soft knitted fabric and the other one is made of the same fabrics we use for our wraps :) It is available in one size.

You can wear it as a scarf or a hood :)

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Permissible measurement error +/-2cm

In case of:

Meeting with… ❤️

Searching for a gift 🎁

A quick run from the car to the kindergarten 🏃‍♀️🚗

Exceptional outing 🌟

Everyday outing 🌈

Love of beautiful fabrics ❤️🧵

Irresistible desire to have a beautiful object at hand 💖


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