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Set of 10 Face Masks - one layer - bamboo viscose - size L
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The arrangement of the pattern on the product may differ from the one presented in the picture.

At the request of our friends, we have sewn masks that are reusable and washable and at your request we are now offering them to all of you. Terrible shortage of this type of products and the huge demand means that our sewing plant can be used differently than before, all until the supply chains are able to meet these most urgent needs. At a time when the shortage of protective equipment is bothering everyone, we try to do anything we can.

These masks have the antibacterial silver ions coating of anticipated resistance to washing:

40°C wash - up to 20 washing cycles with high bacteria reduction rate (95-99%)

60°C wash - up to 10 washing cycles with high bacteria reduction rate (95-99%)

IMPORTANTThese masks are not a medical product. The color and the design presented in the picture is only an example. You will receive 10 masks of randomly chosen colors and designs! Face masks cannot be returned.

The fabric may shrink during washing or disinfecting for 1-2 cm

See more details HERE.

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