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Babywearing myths busted!


Myth No. 1: Don't carry a child or you'll make him/her get used to it!

Bad news for all grandmothers, aunts and neighbours: a child is already used to carrying when he/she is born. The pregnancy period is a time of swaying to the rhythm of mom's steps. Newborns and small babies are still convinced that they and mom are one person - demanding closeness, they follow their intuition and previous experience.

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Myth No. 2: Carrying a baby in a wrap is not comfortable!  

A correctly tied wrap distributes the baby's weight very well and relieves the strain on the spine, so carrying a baby in the wrap is much more comfortable than carrying them on your hands. The stroller is a comfortable solution, provided that the child accepts it. 

Myth No. 3: Carrying a baby in the wrap will damage the baby's spine!

The correct position of the baby in the carrie ensures ergonomic positioning of the whole body of the baby and, as a result, protects the spine: rounded back, bent legs, heavy head based on the parent's chest. It is also a fact that E.Kirkilionis studies have shown that there is no correlation between carrying babies vertically in wraps or carriers and postural defects and curvatures of the spine in older children.

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Myth No. 4: A child can suffocate in a wrap!

Parents who babywear often hear this opinion because children tend to stick their nose into the parent's chest. Studies published in 2002 in the magazine "Pediatrics" confirm unequivocally that the oxygen supply of children carried in the wrap is identical to that of strollers.

Myth No. 5: A wrap is for sitting children only! 

This is a widespread opinion, the source of which we can probably find at a time when the only available carriers were infamous stiffened carriers. Nowadays there are a lot of new generation carriers available, which are suitable for carrying even very small babies, who cannot sit unassisted yet, in a safe position. 

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