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Dear #lennylambfamily!

From Thursday, May 30th, to Sunday, June 2nd, you won't find us at the computers and sewing machines - our employees are resting and celebrating. We will gladly address all inquiries after the holidays, starting on Monday.

Set of Five Mesh Sacks - size M (35x28cm)
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The arrangement of the pattern on the product may differ from the one presented in the picture.

Mesh Sack - tied with cotton strings mesh sack of multiple uses. The mesh sack is perfect for shopping (an alternative for plastic bags), storage, washing delicate fabrics and whatever comes to your mind. It occupies little space. Designed in a spirit of zero waste. In LennyLamb we provide for the environment and our products are packed in the mesh sack. Now, the mesh sacks are available - either separately or in sets. Available in three sizes - S -25x18cm; M - 35x28cm; L - 45x28cm.

IMPORTANT: After washing fabric may shrink.