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Christmas Gift Set for an Older Boy (LennyBomber, LennyJogger 100% cotton, Doll Carrier 100% cotton, Sackpack 100% cotton, Christmas Ornament 100% cotton)


110.00 $

An older baby - it never grows out of babywearing. In the not so distant past, you were babywearing him and listening to his calm breath. Now, the boy is big and can babywear his beloved bear. For the older boy, we have prepared a great Christmas gift set at an excellent price. The set includes stylish and incredibly comfortable clothes made of our woven fabric Clockwork: LennyJogger and LennyBomber, a Doll Carrier and a practical SackPack to school or pre-school in the same pattern.  

Christmas gift set from LennyLamb is a perfect present for the older boy! Look no further - buy a present that will bring a smile to the child’s face!

We are adding a free Christmas ornament which is handmade of our woven wrap fabric - this makes the set really special as an ornament like this is nowhere else to be found! The Christmas ornament pattern will be randomly selected.

Do you enjoy this set? Catch the occasion - super products at an attractive price!

Please email us at to let us know which size of the clothes (104-158) you would like.