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The idea of creating Silesian Wild Soul was initiated by the "Silesia in a Sling" Association on the occasion of the 6th Silesian Babywearing Week 2021. And what's Lenny's part in this? Traditionally Lenny has woven the fabric and will sew the wraps, carriers and accessories for you. The idea, the colors, the photo shoot - it's all thanks to the Silesian team :)

Silesian Wild Soul changes the perception of the Land of the Black Eagle! Because in fact Silesia IS COLORFUL! With all its wealth of traditions, legends, culture, arts and crafts. With its dialect, which has its many varieties depending on what region you are in. With phenomenal history, which is complicated, but beautiful, and with people - Silesians, who feel every color of it in their hearts! We are waiting for your orders and payment until October 7th 2021! Orders will be shipped after October 18th 2021.