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Baby Shower

A gift for a BABY SHOWER - because the list of tasks for mom and dad does not end with "they lived happily ever after".

3 times C: practical convenience, emotional connection, and precious cherished memories.


What does mom miss after giving birth? Probably the most - extra hands. We don't have extra hands but for years we have been helping mom to get her own back.


How does a newborn know that he is safe? When he is close to his mother, he feels it with all his senses, which he won't understand for a long time, but he will use them boldly and communicate his discoveries loudly. The connection that was formed during pregnancy will be confirmed, strengthened and tested on each of the wonderful days to come.

Cherished memories

When a child sets off into the world on his wobbly, increasingly brave legs, all babywearing mothers say the same thing: I celebrate every moment when he still agrees to be carried, and I keep each of the past ones at the bottom of my heart.

Every mother remembers her first wrap and often keeps it forever. It's wonderful when a mother can get her first wrap from family or friends!

Sets we have prepared are based on our knowledge of babywearing and on what mothers choose for newborns. All products are safe, certified and suitable for use from the first days after birth.

What does dad say about it?

Every mother dreams that the father would also carry the baby. We know this from mums.

Closeness comes before connection – who said that? Lenny - you can quote him!

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Thank you for your interest in our products and we wish you a successful baby shower organization!