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Ring Sling, Broken Twill Weave (bamboo + cotton) - Salsa

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: 220 g/m2
: 216.70 PLN

Ring Sling is a quick, easy to use and lightweight option. Its great advantage is the fact that you do not have to wrap it. The only thing you have to do is to pull the fabric correctly through the rings, adjust it, put the baby in and tighten it (according to the instructions). 

You can choose from single color, striped or more unique pattern in the following weaves cross-twill, diamond or jacquard. The blends we offer are 100% cotton, cotton/bamboo and cotton/linen.

You can use it with your newborn baby only in cradle carry, but as soonas your baby can hold its head it can be carried also in upright position. There is however a weight limit of 15kg.

Available carries using a ring sling are: tummy-to-tummy and cradle, but it canalso be occasionally wrapped on your back.

LennyLamb RingSlings are made for the left shoulder as a standard.


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What can we use for carrying ?

Woven Baby Slings

is great for a newborn baby as well as for 2-3 years old children. They can be tied in many ways, the same cloth fits to persons with various sizes. Broken Twill weave of fabric gives a unique property that allows to evenly wrap our baby, so it is completely safe. .

Stretchy Slings for children carrying

are particularly recommended for newborns. They are very comfortable to use, because we put in the newborn into almost prepared binding. There is also less problems with snapping the sling, because it is flexible, so well adapted to the little body of child.

Mei-tai Carriers

are very popular group of soft slings, such Asian slings experience their renaissance in Europe. This is a piece of cloth tied to the body with four long strips. They do not have any rigidities (like a flexible cloth or woven cloth), allowing for carrying a child according to physiology of young spike.

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